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Dear Friends of the Germanic New Medicine;

It has come to our attention that several publications copyrighted and owned by Dr. Hamer have surfaced as either free downloads or downloads for a minimum payment through the Internet.

There are also illegal versions of the Scientific Chart of the Germanic New Medicine that have been translated into Spanish, Romanian and Hungarian. These are unauthorized translations and CANNOT be considered as an accurate representation of the Scientific Chart.

If you come across anything available as a download on the Internet it is not from a legitimate source. In which case, copyright infringements do apply.

Instead, we suggest that you donate into Dr. Hamer’s account to support his publications so that the GNM information available in the common domain remains accurate.

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Over the last year you may have read the front page of my web site of the personal attacks against me by Caroline Markolin.

As a result we have investigated her web site and courses thoroughly and have found many errors and inconsistencies in her interpretation of Dr. Hamer’s work. These errors are clearly a misinterpretation of what she translated herself in the "Scientific Chart". It goes without saying that these errors are carried over to the documents she has in other languages.

Unfortunately the public at large has been misled to believe that she was an expert in the GNM and has instead received inaccurate information.

Caroline Markolin recently claimed to have distanced herself from Dr. Hamer when in fact he has distanced himself from her with a warning when he realized the caliber of her work was below his standards. Instead of complying with his wishes, she attacks other members of the GNM community and beyond, myself included, who are not personally associated with her.

Furthermore her students seem to be under the impression that by taking her 8 days of courses that they are certified in the practice of the GNM. As a matter of fact she had recently intended to open a school of GNM with clinic in Barbados.

This is clearly a case of the blind leading the blind and is dangerous to potential patients as well as the integrity of Dr. Hamer’s life work, which prides itself in being the only empirical medical research in the history of medicine.

By presenting a distorted and inaccurate version of the GNM, Ms. Markolin is in fact a danger not only to the GNM but also to the general public.

We therefore urge you to not frequent her web site or be misled into believing that the courses she offers are accurate or have been approved by Dr. Hamer.

March 18th Update

It has come to our attention that Caroline Markolin and her cohorts are now aligning themselves with Meta-Medicine and EFT groups and practitioners.

It is unfortunate that Ms. Markolin and associates have lowered their own standards to remain on the GNM scene after Ms. Markolin was forced to admit her own lies after the recording of Dr. Hamer's comments about her surfaced. 

It seems since her fall from grace she is trying to salvage what is left of her reputation by associating with the "thieves" she originally slagged down publically on her web site that have compromised the efficacy and integrity of Dr. Hamer's work.

So much for Ms. Markolin's recent statement claiming she distanced herself years ago from Dr. Hamer to keep the integrity of this important work alive.

In her own words " to educate the public as well as health practitioners in the science of GNM and to secure the authentic research for future generations. Strongly united in this effort - for the common good - our movement continues to grow and flourish carried by the energy of honesty and genuine truth".

I'm afraid "truth" has never come into it and from what has surfaced these past months we are led to believe that Caroline Markolin is a pathological liar.

Her students were also misled to believe she had access to the newest discoveries in the GNM through conversations with Dr. Hamer. This is another lie, not to mention that in our investigation we found serious errors in what she teaches as the GNM.

In Dr. Hamer's own words "Caroline Markolin is lying".  To listen to the recording, please go to our February update.

March 23rd Update

In the last 24 hours Caroline Markolin has removed the pages containing all the lies and derogatory remarks she has made on her website against me, my colleague Dr. Douglas Price, and other people she has victimized over the years.

However she still seems to be under the impression that she can salvage something of her reputation by posting the following: "In order to provide an undisturbed learning environment for our GNM students, we refrain from responding to the defamatory statements about Caroline Markolin and her LearningGNM team posted there. The malevolence is so startling that one can only turn away in silence".

Finally her cyber bullying has been stopped and only because she has now had "a taste of her own medicine" and at the same time has been caught in the web of her own lies.

Dear Readers, the only way we can stop cyber bullies like Ms. Markolin from doing their self-serving dirty work at the expense of others is to bring the truth to the forefront.

Since no one trusts Ms. Markolin to stop posting her lies we will be happy to provide any interested parties in the GNM community with the screen shots of the pages that she had on her web site until 24 hours ago.

In these screen shots from her web site she declares herself to be the only "authorized" GNM teacher in the GNM community with the power to ordain other teachers she calls her LearningGNM team. She also claims that her courses had been reviewed by Dr. Hamer. This is also clearly stated at the top of each page of printed seminar material she had given her students when they took a seminar with her.

In her latest statement she once again twists the truth, after she removed her previous statements and now declares "Dr. Hamer does not review or approve course material personally. We strongly suggest asking for written evidence signed by Dr. Hamer from making such claims."

What Caroline Markolin did not foresee is that Dr. Hamer had reviewed my presentations which is now absolutely necessary since he has established the University of Sandefijord. Why else could Dr. Hamer say on the recording that "Ilsedora works in my sense" meaning that he knows the level of my work and that it is correct.

Needless to say, we will keep a close watch on Ms. Markolin's web site and actions to make sure her lies do not continue to mislead the GNM community. 


Ilsedora Laker