April 5, 2013

Dear Friends;

It has come to my attention that Caroline Markolin has publicly attacked me by writing an open letter which was posted on her web site.

Ms. Markolin has recently received notification from Dr. Hamer to stop misrepresenting herself as the only credible source of GNM teaching in the English speaking world.
Hence her personal attack on me.

She presents a certificate of attendance of participating in seminars with Dr. Hamer as a document which suggests that it qualifies her to be the only person capable of teaching the GNM.

I challenge anyone to call or e-mail Dr. Hamer's office and ask that question. The obvious answer would be that she is in fact NOT qualified and is NOT held in high esteem by Dr. Hamer.

Having been acquainted with Ms. Markolin since she first entered the picture in 2002 when she took one of my introductory seminars in Ottawa, I quickly realized that this person was someone that I did not wish to associate with and I chose to distance myself from her.

After taking the initial seminar with me, she went to Spain and began taking seminars with Dr. Hamer.
To my surprise, after her first seminar with him, his assistant sent the "certificate of participation" to me to forward to Ms. Markolin with a note stating that they do not normally give certificates because ultimately they are meaningless. 

Some months later when she started her web site and posted this certificate, I spoke with Dr. Hamer and he made a point of saying that this does not qualify her as a teacher by any means because thousands of people have taken his seminars over the years. This also does not mean that they understand the GNM.
He then said "Ilsedora, if you want a certificate, I will be happy to send you one". This of course puts it into perspective. Naturally I thanked him but declined. 

Many years ago, a woman from Australia e-mailed me requesting help with a very large breast tumor.
For obvious reasons it is unethical to give any advice, especially through e-mail. This person, out of fear, did not want any kind of intervention and was looking for someone to agree with her.

When a massive breast tumor develops, conventional medicine will first give chemo therapy and radiation before they would even consider surgery. In her case, that is what was offered to her.

My response to her was that she had little choice, if you do nothing the tumor could visibly decompose in front of her eyes. This can occur in some cases. Markolin does not seem to be bothered by this and will encourage women to do this based on how she understands the GNM.
In my experience in alternative medicine, I have observed breast cancer patients make the choice, out of fear to "do nothing" and have died as a result of that fear. I feel it is an obligation to make sure the patient understands everything she may be facing and what her options are. Personally I am not in a legal position to give advice about treatment. People don't seem to understand that, and strangely Ms. Markolin is trying to use that against me.

Contrary to what Ms. Markolin has interpreted from her seminars with Dr. Hamer, this is not what he says with respect to breast cancer. He has in fact written a book on breast cancer where he shows explicit photos of what can happen.

Markolin’s lack of experience in this matter and her willingness to encourage a patient to do nothing could be interpreted as negligence.

Dr. Hamer does not say "do nothing" he says "do the right thing".

What Ms. Markolin fails to realize is that once the ordinary person has a diagnosis, this qualifies as a shock in the majority of the cases and if the patient does not feel safe or confident the disease can spread as a result.
In some cases, the tumor can spontaneously disappear.  I have observed this and I have personally experienced this. However this is not the rule and we must be careful not to put all women into the same category. It is the individual's psyche that will determine what the cancer will do.

Knowing the GNM after the diagnosis is not always the solution. The "die has been cast" so to speak. In other words, the patient has experienced another shock and if it is left to “fester” they can fail to recover especially if they have no guarantee or confidence in conventional or alternative medicine.

So my question to Ms. Markolin is "where does she, with absolutely NO clinical experience have the audacity to expect anyone to give advice via e-mail to do nothing? This goes against the principles of the GNM, especially since Dr. Hamer prides himself on having accurate clinical information to be able to assess someone under the Five Biological Laws.

When this Australian woman forwarded my response to Ms. Markolin, she immediately sent it to Dr. Hamer to "try to discredit me in his eyes".

Shortly after this, Dr. Hamer said to me "Ilsedora I hear that you support chemotherapy". Needless to say I knew immediately the origin of his comment. I realized through this particular incident that I had been "set up" by Markolin. Naturally after our discussion he understood my reply to this unfortunate woman. This was again confirmed by Dr. Hamer this week right after he read Ms. Markolin's open letter.

Over the years, Ms. Markolin has continuously tried to discredit me in Dr. Hamer's eyes and as you can see from this last letter she has posted, she has made it a point to save that particular e-mail she sent to Dr. Hamer. Since the e-mail she refers to is dated 2008, does this not suggest that her actions are premeditated?
She has publicly tried to discredit me in her seminars as well by making derogatory comments and in this "open letter" has manipulated text and distorted the truth to try to make it look like I was crossing the guidelines set by Dr. Hamer.

What kind of person would do such a thing especially having knowledge of the GNM and what the work stands for?

The findings of Dr. Hamer, on a much higher level, imply that once we are acquainted with these universal Biological Laws, as intelligent people with a “soul”, we should be practicing a life of harmlessness, not continuously and consciously try to inflict shocks on others.

It is unfathomable to me why someone would save something for many years that had already been addressed, and “lie in wait” for an opportunity to use it publicly unless they have their own agenda and have had plans to do something like this for a very long time.

More recently Ms. Markolin has taken liberties with respect to her "self imposed authority" and Dr. Hamer has recently also addressed these issues with her. 

Needless to say, she has chosen to try to discredit me in the process. Her status in the eyes of Dr. Hamer has diminished considerably and I feel this is her way of retaliating.

She has tried many times over the years to "take out the competition".

Some years ago, one of her former cohorts came to me with some very disturbing information with respect to her "plans" for Ilsedora Laker. He urged me to watch my back because Ms. Markolin said in front of her inner group that she would make sure that "Ilsedora will be out of the picture soon".

So, dear readers and supporters of the GNM, make of it what you will of this "tempest in a teapot". My approach, until this blatant and uncalled for attack on my person and GNM qualifications as a teacher and therapist have always been to take the high road. However this attack is so underhanded that I have been forced into a position to openly disclose everything that has gone on behind the scenes in my own defence.
I am only addressing two points in this statement because the other issues Ms. Markolin refers to are so ridiculous that they do not even qualify a response.

With respect to the statement on the home page of my web site, Dr. Hamer asked me to post it last December. This is not something I would initiate myself.  

The post was a warning by Dr. Hamer to the unsuspecting masses, and now Markolin has proven herself to be openly vindictive and self serving in the process.

Over the last few months I have had hundreds of e-mails from people with respect to who is qualified to teach and who is not qualified in the GNM world.

One of the most disturbing reasons is that it came to light from credible sources that Caroline Markolin has given "her authorization" to tell people to teach the GNM even after one introductory seminar with her!

These people and others were also given permission to use Dr. Hamer's copyrighted diagrams by her as long as they include that it was copyrighted by him!

It has also come to light that some people associated with her are misrepresenting themselves as the "successors" to Dr. Hamer in the Spanish speaking community even though they had not even met him, or taken a course with him!

There are other issues that Dr. Hamer has been addressing with her at this time, Issues that are directly related to her overstepping her boundaries and sacrificing the integrity of the GNM in the process.

Dr. Hamer told me recently that he has not had any personal contact or conversations with her in several years. Yet she made claims that she was working on a “mega GNM project with Dr. Hamer” on her web site 18 months ago. This is an outright lie. Dr. Hamer is NOT working with Ms. Markolin on any GNM project!

He was so displeased with her Youtube presentations that he requested she remove them from the internet. She refused to comply.

As you know Dr. Hamer has established the University of Sandefjord in order to establish credible guidelines for the GNM. The curriculum is not running as yet. However, just this week, we found reference to Caroline Markolin sanctioning the opening of a school of GNM with clinic in Barbados! All this without Dr. Hamer's knowledge!

Given the fact that she has no clinical experience and only a very basic knowledge of the GNM, Dr. Hamer cannot support such an enterprise. Only he is qualified to teach at the high level of expertise that is required to undertake such a project which requires a vast body of medical knowledge and clinical experience. Caroline Markolin and her students certainly do not have these qualifications.

It’s obvious to me that she is trying to discredit me because her true intentions have been exposed to Dr. Hamer and this only reaffirms why I distanced myself from her in the very beginning.

Perhaps her personal attack on me has only served to expose herself for who she truly is? After all the document she has posted certainly shows that her actions were premeditated.

An official statement from Dr. Hamer’s office is pending.

Ilsedora Laker