In recent discussions with Dr. Hamer it has come to our attention that Caroline Markolin has decided to become the voice of Dr. Hamer without his knowledge or permission. This self - imposed authority has resulted in vicious, uncalled for attacks against the owner of this web site, Ilsedora Laker.

Caroline Markolin has as a result also committed an act of fraud in this process by cutting and pasting Dr. Hamer’s signature to a document she claims was written by Dr. Hamer. This forged document is a warning to the public against Ilsedora Laker as a teacher of the GNM. This is not the first time Markolin has attacked Ilsedora Laker. Her relentless attempts to discredit Ilsedora Laker end even fraudulently using Dr. Hamer’s signature leads one to believe that Caroline Markolin is no longer in control of her better judgement. This document is visible on her web site and is labeled as “warning” as if to say she has the power to create public awareness against Ilsedora Laker.

In the recent past she has authorized first time students with little knowledge to claim that they have the expertise to teach the GNM. At the same time she has given others permission to use Dr. Hamer’s copyrighted material in their presentations. This was done without Dr. Hamer’s knowledge or permission.

The only person qualified to give permission to teach the GNM and use his copyrighted “intellectual property” on any level is Dr. Hamer.

Dr. Hamer has mentioned to us that the videos Caroline Markolin has posted on Youtube are not approved by him.

He finds them offensive to the GNM. He has also asked Caroline Markolin to remove this series of lectures from the Internet because he finds them to be a poor representation of his work. Unfortunately she has refused to comply.

The only approved presentations outlining the GNM are the presentations given by Ilsedora Laker which are now available on DVD through this web site.

Caroline Markolin claims to be the GNM "authority" equal to Dr. Hamer. Dr. Hamer has never given her any kind of authority. Caroline Markolin, according to Dr. Hamer and his seminar attendance records, has taken two weeks of seminar with him and yet she presents a “certificate of attendance” as proof of her GNM knowledge and teaching expertise as if it gave her the permission from Dr. Hamer to exclusively give lectures and seminars in the English speaking world.

Caroline Markolin does not have the body of knowledge or as Dr. Hamer says “a single day of clinical experience” to be able to call herself an expert in the GNM. It is for that reason that we at this website, which was originally established in 2001 by request of Dr. Hamer, have been asked to make this statement. Dr. Hamer recently mentioned to Ilsedora Laker that Caroline Markolin led him to believe that she was a PhD of biology when in fact her subject is German Literature. She does not have an official science background.

Dr. Hamer has established the University of Sandefjord in order to officially teach the GNM at a certification level. The curriculum is in progress and until it is fully established, those teaching the GNM require his express permission to do so. Ilsedora Laker, at this time, is the only person in the English speaking world that has his permission to teach the GNM. Dr. Douglas Price teaches the GNM under Ilsedora Laker’s guidance and supervision by permission of Dr. Hamer.

To be able to teach the principles of the GNM on an effective level takes a considerable amount of knowledge, experience and expertise.

There are many people in the English speaking world, European and Spanish community that claim to have this expertise and offer certification in GNM as both teachers and therapist’s, however they have no training and are not authorized by Dr. Hamer to do so. Caroline Markolin is one of those people

It is also important for the general public to know that Caroline Markolin has NOT had direct communication with Dr. Hamer in several years. Ilsedora Laker on the other hand speaks with Dr. Hamer weekly on GNM matters.