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5 The German New Medicine  was discovered by Dr. R.G. Hamer in 1981. Since then, he has empirically  established  Five Biological Laws by which all diseases behave.  His research involves over 40,000 cases and proves that illness is initiated by a biological conflict - shock or trauma. He also discovered that each biological conflict leaves a visible mark in the brain (confirmed by brain CT) in the exact brain relay corresponding to the organ, or body structure affected by disease. More compellingly, he found that the nature of the conflict predetermines the organic site for disease.

Webinars are now available in online modules at GNM Online Seminars

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Volume 1 Introduction;

Webinar CD"Introduction to the German New Medicine" webinar presented by Ilsedora Laker


The "Introduction to the German New Medicine" on DVD is a recording of a live presentation given by Ilsedora Laker on February 14th 2010.


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