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I am so grateful I met and consulted with Ilsadora Laker, practitioner of German New Medicine. Together with Dr Ryke Geer Hamer, they changed my outlook from fear of death to a new lease on life.
A year after surgery for a liver carcinoma in 2006, a growth was discovered in a lymph node just below the liver. I was diagnosed with metastastatic liver cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation were not possible because of the location of the node, and there appeared to be little hope of recovery.
Soon after the diagnosis, a friend recommended I see Ilsedora Laker in Toronto. I brought my test results and a brain CT scan for her to study. She conferred with the founder of German New Medicine, Dr Hamer, and I received the news that the growth was actually in the healing phase of a resolved conflict and that its size would not become larger.
At that moment the terror of death left me and I resolved to begin my life anew knowing that I was healed. The diagnosis proved absolutely correct and I continue to regain strength and positive outlook on life.
Ilsedora has been such a force of clarity and compassion in my life. I was so impressed with German New Medicine that I have taken several training workshops with her and have integrated this powerful, hopeful new medicine into my practice as a Self Healing Facilitator.




My father entered hospital suffering from a back ache and was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
The doctor informed my mother that there was a new drug to combat multiple myeloma which had a 30% plus survival rate. As my parents were against chemotherapy due to adverse publicity surrounding its use, he reassured them that the drug was not a chemotherapy treatment and if there were side effects months later, these would be mild. (German New Medicine was not yet known to our family as an alternative option.)
The first treatment nearly killed my father and severely weakened him. He was given an excessive amount of drugs in order to control the pain and died three weeks later, incoherent, rolling and tossing and turning. The death certificate listed the primary cause of death as heart failure.
While researching information on the drug in question, I learnt that the FDA (Food & Drug Association) website listed it as chemotherapy. The 30% plus success rate referred only to patients in the early stages of multiple myeloma, ‘success’ defined as being alive one year later. The research was conducted on only sixteen patients!!! Once diagnosed, patients in the early stage of multiple myeloma often live for a further year without the drug.
The doctor grossly misrepresented the nature of the drug and the lack of credible research conducted on it. Based upon his reassurance, my family consented to the treatments.
Had German New Medicine counseling been available where the psycho-biological causes of the disease were clearly explained, my father may not have suffered as he did before he died.
I feel a great deal of compassion for patients dying in hospitals from the side effects of the drugs administered.

Greg Miller, northern California



In 2006, I, Munawar (Moon) Merchant, was diagnosed with an advanced case of arthritis in my knee. During consultation, Mrs Ilsedora Laker, a practitioner of German New Medicine, explained the psycho-biological cause of the disease. Four weeks later the arthritis was gone and an xray taken three months later confirmed this diagnosis.
In 2008, I had a recurrence of infancy asthma and was doomed to take cortisone pills and puffers for the rest of my life. However, the malady disappeared after one session with Mrs Laker, who helped me to understand the cause of this disease as well.

Muhnwahr Merchant



Ilsedora Laker is a well-trained, highly intelligent and responsible practitioner of German New Medicine. She has dedicated her life to helping people by way of a modality she passionately believes in. [Mrs Laker would never recommend that a client disregard the advice given by another practitioner. This accusation is a deliberate attempt to bring her integrity as a practitioner into question.]
I have known Ilsedora Laker as both a client and a student (in my dual roles as client and student) of this fascinating and empowering modality of medicine. She has assisted me through many ailments ranging from unusual to conventional and serious. I can attribute my recovery to a deeper understanding of why these manifestations were occurring, an understanding explained through the medium of science. Education plays a crucial role in the practice of German New Medicine.
As a naturopathic physician and a biochemist, I find German New Medicine explanation of the emotional links to disease from embryological/histological, microbiological, anatomical and psychological perspectives to hold a great deal of merit. These explanations are based upon a history of successful case studies, including my own, over a period of (?) years.
With the practice of German New Medicine, pharmaceuticals are required approximately 10% of the time. I urge the readers to research the statistics for iatrogenia (death and/or injury from conventional health care practitioners and/or health care institutions.) Over half a million people die from iatrogenia in the US per annum ($$$). I question the motives behind the attempts to fraudulently derail a form of medicine requiring little drugs or surgery, that is empowering people to address the emotional causes of their ailments.



My initial introduction to Ilsedora Laker, a practitioner of German New Medicine (GNM) in February, 2002, was one of the pivotal moments in my life. During the consultation, I finally understood the concrete reasons for the nature of my condition which were profoundly relevant to my life.
At the time I was scheduled to undergo a surgical procedure that would begin to deal with a life threatening issue (the nature of which is being withheld from my family). Given my negative predisposition to conventional medical intervention due to limited success for minor problems, I was extremely apprehensive at the prospect of undergoing surgery which provided no guarantee against reoccurrence of the condition.
Ms. Laker explained the initial shock that caused my condition and I understood why it was that after having been told by MDs that I was sick, I actually did not feel sick. There was a little pain in the region of the condition, but otherwise I felt energetic, was exercising, sleeping well and had an excellent appetite.
Without a GNM explanation, MDs did not understand the nature of my condition which led them to urge me to take ‘pre-emptive’ measures to stop deterioration. This lack of understanding continues to compromise the lives of patients. GNM practitioners can provide scientific evidence based upon many years of successful case studies to prove that conventional medicine’s interference in the natural psycho-biological healing processes causes (retardation of recovery?) often leading to death.
Although slanderous allegations have, for many years, been made against Dr R G Hamer, founder of GNM, at no time has any medical establishment possessed the wherewithal to challenge or refute, on a scientific basis, his findings. There are websites put up by disgruntled family members of deceased ex-patients who turned to GNM as a last resort after having undergone unsuccessful conventional medical treatments. Dr Hamer has also been illegally incarcerated in order to discredit both his reputation and findings.
Ms. Laker has helped me many times since February, 2002 and those I have referred to her for consultation. It takes intelligence, strength of character, integrity, honesty, hard work, dedication and genuine good-heartedness to stand one’s ground in the face of continuous opposition. Dr Hamer and Ilsedora Laker both possess these qualities. They are true health practitioners who continue to make strides in the development of GNM while enlightening those of us who possess the individual-mindedness to assess facts over rhetoric.

M. Sacchetti



In March, 2005 I was taken to hospital after falling unconscious at home. I was diagnosed with pleural effusion. Between five to six litres of fluid surrounded the left lung which had collapsed displacing my heart to the right side.
During the winter of that year, I had become increasingly breathless while walking Toyo, my little Chiahuahua companion in the park and had developed a cough, but otherwise felt symptomless.
My medical status at the time was considered ‘palliative’ for in 1999, a large volume of fluid in my abdomen had prompted a visit to my family physician. The condition known as ascites was diagnosed as cancerous when a fluid sample, taken from my belly, contained cancer cells. Ultrasound tests revealed a lesion on or adjacent to my left ovary. A biopsy of this lesion could not be taken due to the large amount of surrounding abdominal fluid which increased the risk of bowel perforation even with ultrasound guidance. The diagnosis then became ovarian and peritoneal cancer. I was sent to a gynecological oncologist who told me I was playing with my life if I didn’t have all my female organs removed. I was a workaholic, had a healthy appetite and no history of major illness until 1999.
Five years earlier, in 1994, memories of childhood abuse had begun to surface. On top of a busy workload, there had been counseling sessions, bodywork sessions, political demonstrations and a lot of private angst.
Family. Culture. Self. All were in turmoil following the new perspectives resulting from these memories. Added to this turmoil was concern for two friends of mine, who were diagnosed with cancer and who chose allopathic intervention. As one of them had no family in this country, I cared for her through surgery and chemotherapy. We flew together to her home in Fiji where she died at the age of thirty. I knew then that I could not rely on allopathic medicine if I got cancer.
In 1999, I chose to monitor the lesion in my abdomen by regular ultrasound appointments, postponing a decision about what further action to take. Meanwhile, a number of quality of life changes were made; I continued counseling, danced more and moved to Manitoulin Island, which felt like home. Although I could not run, I was not in pain and was prepared to let my body take care of the ascites. It did not surprise me that the part of my body I had had memories about was now undergoing physical changes. By 2001, the ascites subsided and I was able to run again.
In 2003, I got a bowel obstruction and was flown to Toronto having lost 30 lbs in weight. The obstruction cleared thanks to the knowledge of my life partner, Jamaius, who is a recognized First Nations medicine person.
Oncologists decided I needed emergency surgery to remove my reproductive organs, scrape away peritoneal seedlings and perform a possible colostomy. Giving into fear, I signed the consent forms for surgery.
That night, away from the concerns of family, friends and doctors, I realized I didn’t have the reserve to go through a long operation and post-op recovery. A colostomy would prevent me from swimming which is not true. My reasoning faculties were questioned but I held to my decision and was placed into palliative care to die a “horrible death” as far as the medical profession was concerned.
My life partner, Jamaius, took care of me twenty-four hours a day. As a conduit for the grace of the spirits, she allowed spirit to work through her to help me. She explained how important it was to acknowledge, trust and understand spirit for it intervened to save my life on three occasions she was aware of. My companion, Toyo, became an instant bedroom security guard.
While convalescing from the bowel obstruction, I received an article about Dr Hamer and although interested, didn’t have the energy for further investigation. Consuming fears surfaced as a result of recurring thoughts about ‘ritual abuse’. A visiting nurse responded to my need for emotional help and after some investigation came up with the name, Ilsedora Laker, a practitioner of German New Medicine (GNM). I knew then this was my opportunity to talk about the traumatic events of my childhood.
Ilsedora and I met for the first time in May, 2004. During our initial sessions, I gained a sense of both clarity and relief; ascites was caused by a fear of an attack against the abdomen. She could tell by looking at my brain CT that the ovarian cancer was resolved and that peritoneal cancer resulting in ascites in the recovery phase was the secondary problem, both of which were now in the healing phase.
I have spoken to numerous people, a number of whom have travelled long distances to study with Ilsadora, and they all agree that she excels at teaching the principles of Dr R G Hamer’s GNM.
At the time of the diagnosis of pleural effusion in March, 2005, I had already attended her Levels 1, 2, and 3 training workshops. After the initial shock of the diagnosis, my next reaction upon being informed about the 5 to 6 litres of fluid surrounding my left lung was, “Good! The disease is in the healing phase which means the conflict has been resolved and further fluid build-up will now stop.”
While in hospital for the diagnosis, Ilsadora explained that pleural effusion occurred as a result of fear of attack against the chest. Once again I was discharged to die a “horrible death”. Although my condition was serious, thanks to GNM I knew I was in a healing phase, a powerful antidote to fear of mortality.
Jamaius was a hero, struggling with her osteoarthritis to get out of bed during the night to help me to the bathroom. I felt as vulnerable and scared as a newborn baby for I could only move my head from side to side. My body remained motionless most of the time from the weight of the water on my chest and the weight of the fears in my head in less rational moments.
Ilsedora was in touch every day for weeks during the critical period. As I lay motionless, often in a state of heightened anxiety produced by fear-related adrenalin, she helped to mitigate the fears with her knowledge transmitted through her compassionate and optimistic heart. I would then feel safe enough to come back to awareness of the present. I had to affirm over and over again, “No one is attacking my body at this moment. I’m safe in this moment. I’m alone in this room.” I knew Toyo would warn me if an unwanted stranger was there.
During those moments I was able to take a conscious interest in my surroundings, I watched Jamaius taking care of such necessities as washing the dishes and the laundry, taking care of the animals, organizing friends to bring groceries and keeping me bathed and in clean sheets. Years later, I began to understand the wisdom behind her actions.
Initially I resisted having a tap to remove the fluid from around my lung for the ascites had cleared on its own.
Addressing my unconscious fears, Ilsedora explained, “Your body will perceive the tap as another attack against your chest and there will be another fluid build-up which will perpetuate the vicious cycle. Tell your psyche the needle is restorative. Take all the help you can get.” She named a mutual acquaintance that had gone for twenty-two taps before her pleural effusion cleared.
This knowledge eventually saved me from unnecessary suffering for I finally went for two taps one week apart which removed a litre of fluid per visit.
After the first week of daily chats with Ilsedora I began to go into “night sweats” they took place around 5:00 AM every morning for weeks. It was during that time that I also went into the “pee pee phase” where I virtually began to eliminate all the fluid that had built up in my pleura.
The pleural effusion was diagnosed on March 24, 2005 and by the end of May, 2005, there was only a small portion of lower lung lobe that remained collapsed, the surrounding fluid less than one litre. I am completely free of fluid build up and my lung is no longer collapsed.
In the context of the enormous daily help I received from Ilsedora Laker, I want to articulate how powerful a body of knowledge GNM is in the hands of a compassionate person. The ascites took almost three years to clear, this cleared on it’s own without the help of the GNM however the pleural effusion was cleared in a matter of weeks.

Barbara Pratt



At the age of 34 in 2001, I was pregnant with my third child and working full time at a very well paying job. We had recently purchased a beautiful new house and a fancy van based upon my salary. Added to this stress was the guilt about leaving my two other children in full-time day care. I felt trapped as there appeared to be no way out of the situation.
After the birth of my third child, I chose not to go back to work full-time as I knew there would be serious health problems because of the stress and guilt. To make it work financially, we decided to sell the house and van and live off one income for a few years.
One week after moving into the new house in May, 2002, I developed a ‘cold’ and noticed that the lymph node on the right side of my neck was swollen. I thought this was due to exhaustion resulting from being both a new mother and a ‘home renovations specialist’ and did not pay much attention to it.
The swelling on the lymph node continue to grow larger and by July it was about the size of a jumbo egg. A pharmacist friend confirmed my suspicion of lymphoma. A visit to an ear-nose-throat (ENT) specialist further validated this suspicion and a biopsy was performed.
I was in a state of shock and cried for three days. How many years did I have left with my children? Would I live long enough to help them take care of themselves?
While waiting for the results of the biopsy, I was introduced to German New Medicine (GNM).
The diagnosis was a benign tumour. I then went into resolution from my second emotional shock, the fear of the cancer diagnosis.
Although I was learning more about GNM, it was still quite new in Canada. At the time my children were very young, I did not have a support network and experienced considerable pressure from others to ‘do the right thing’ with respect to conventional medicine.
As a result of fear, the growths grew dramatically during the fall of 2003 until there were three tumours on my spleen ranging from 8 to 10 cm, one at the tail end of my pancreas in the 10 cm range and numerous swollen lymph nodes in my abdomen. I now appeared to be five months pregnant. Eventually, my bowels stopped working as a result of the pressure of the augmenting growths. At that point I was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma and could only sleep about two hours a night in the sitting position because of the pain.
After eleven days without a bowel movement, I finally agreed to undergo seven rounds of chemotherapy treatment.
Consumed by fear for my life due to complications,I learnt useful visualization techniques as well as developing excellent communications and self-analysis skills that allowed me not only to resolve issues as they arose but also those from the past. Over the next six months I became much stronger and more resilient emotionally and eventually let go of my fear.
By July, 2003, the growths were reduced to approximately 2 to 4 cm. By this time I was already comfortable enough with GNM to tell my doctor that I did not believe that chemotherapy would ‘cure’ the non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
Five years later (2008), I have returned to complete health. There has been no need to see a doctor for the past three to four years. I now teach yoga several times a week, coach soccer, exercise every day and have a fulfilling practice as a coach/NLP practitioner/hypnotherapist and am learning to become a more proficient GNM practitioner.
I am very grateful to have discovered GNM as it has helped me in all areas of my life such as:

… I now try to resolve any outstanding emotional issues within 24 hours (when possible). I have (and teach people) the techniques to do this

… I can see more clearly the causes of physical and emotional issues amongst family members and can help them resolve these

… I have become a much better life coach through my understanding of how emotional issues affect the body and mind and can help others understand these

In summary, I am very grateful to those who taught me about GNM including:

… Ilsedora Laker, whom I consulted with many times over my challenging year and whom I continue to call on a regular basis to get advice on current clients – she is a wealth of knowledge

… Katherine Willow, ND, who has been a loyal supporter of my quest for knowledge on GNM

Barbara Pierce



I knew nothing about German New Medicine until my father was diagnosed with liver cancer and died three months later, on October 24th, 2002, of acute liver failure. He was 64 years old.

In May 2002, my father visited a medical doctor (MD) because he was losing weight, couldn't sleep, had a persistent itch (indicating liver problems), and generally felt bad. The MD initially prescribed him tranquillizers, but then examined him three months later and discovered he had an enlarged liver. After a referral to a general surgeon for a more detailed examination, a computed tomography (CT) scan led to a diagnosis of "extensive multiple hepatic metastases," meaning that his liver was riddled with cancer. This diagnosis was then confirmed by an oncologist.

My father's extensive liver abnormality and weakened state made chemotherapy an uncertainty, but the oncologist recommended chemotherapy for "palliative" purposes: to relieve pain and prolong life. One session of chemotherapy took an enormous toll and was enough for my father.

Having reached the end of what the conventional medical route could offer him, my sister and I looked into two alternatives. First I researched the possibility of using foods to prevent the cancer's growth in order to prolong my father's life.

Next I researched the approach of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, a German physician who had discovered a unifying explanation for all cancers and diseases. His body of work is now called German New Medicine. I read Ilsedora Laker's web site (www.newmedicine.ca) and understood the basis of Dr. Hamer's approach to cancer.

My father was brought to Brussels to see a conventionally-trained Belgian MD who had converted to Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine. The German New Medicine physician had all of my father's medical information. For two one-hour sessions, he sat with my father and got to know my father as a person by having him recall all major events in his life, in order to understand my father's psyche and experience and thereby determine the cause of his cancer.

But my father was weakened, tired, knew he was dying, and wanted to leave Brussels and return home. He had obtained the first and second opinions from Modern Medicine, he had tried the alternative approaches, he had done all we had asked him to do. Now he was exhausted mentally and physically. The only thing left to do was to pray and pray hard.

There was to be no miracle. The tumor kept growing and my father died three months after his diagnosis of liver cancer.

I reflected upon my father's death and was struck by the fact that not one MD could say why my father had liver cancer. Not long after he died, I purchased Dr. Hamer's book Summary of the New Medicine.

Before he died, my father told me to get a full medical check-up every year. He felt if he had done so, they might have caught the liver cancer in time. In the weeks leading up to my father's anniversary mass, I arranged an appointment with our local MD.

I went to the MD's clinic and was called into the nurse's office. She weighed me, measured my height, measured my blood pressure, and took some blood and urine samples. I was then ushered into the MD's office. He reviewed the information given to date, told me that my body mass index was a little high.

He then asked me to take my trousers down. He joked and was reassuring, but the experience of being a 39-year-old male "intimately" examined, no matter that the person is an MD, is an experience I'll never forget. I knew that he thought he was doing the right thing, based on statistical likelihood of prostate cancer, but it was not nice. I had gleaned enough from Dr. Hamer's Summary of the New Medicine to know that I was not in danger. This would be my last consultation with an MD and I resolved to have a good understanding of the German New Medicine by the time of the second anniversary of my father's death.

I had no interest in medicine until my father died unnecessarily from liver cancer. I am an accountant with no formal medical training whatsoever. But I desperately wanted to understand why people get cancers and other diseases, and how these deadly diseases could be effectively cured using Dr. Hamer's German New Medicine. Nobody else should have their life cut short by cancer like my father.

By 24th October 2004, the second anniversary of my father's death, I had thoroughly studied Dr. Hamer's book and I understood the causes of cancer as well as the mechanism of other diseases. Then Ilsedora Laker referred me to a Swiss man, Harald Baumann, a protégé of Dr. Hamer’s who held a six-day German New Medicine course in Ireland in April 2005.

The course was excellent. Harald gave many examples of patients with specific cancers and other diseases, and how they were cured using German New Medicine - or how they died because of their treatment by Modern Medicine. It was the case studies, the stories about real people, that interested me, how people got a particular disease and how they cured it or unfortunately died from it. I learned that German New Medicine didn't apply only to cancers and major diseases; it also applied to so-called "infectious" diseases like measles, mumps and rubella. I learned of the work of another German, Dr. Stefan Lanka a virologist and a great supporter of Dr. Hamer’s work, who made the incredible, astonishing allegation that viruses do not exist! This meant that vaccinations are at best unnecessary. In fact, vaccinations are positively dangerous because vaccines contain poisons. There was so much more to this German New Medicine. Every single day on that course we were told new things that completely contradicted our previous understanding of medicine.

After six days I knew more valuable information about medicine than any conventionally trained MD! I certainly knew a whole lot more about cancer than any oncologist.

Modern Medicine is only concerned with the symptoms of a disease: the oncologist will not know why the person got cancer in the first place, and has no interest in the cause. I understood the cause of various diseases in only six days. This was absolutely astounding and exhilarating for me. I felt born again, renewed, energized and empowered. I felt obliged to evangelize, to spread the word about German New Medicine.

With the exception of diseases caused by malnutrition, lack of clean water, poisoning and trauma, German New Medicine explains the mechanism of every single disease known to mankind.

In April 2005, while I was on the German New Medicine course in Limerick, Dr. Hamer was in jail in France. I didn't understand why the medical and scientific world wouldn't honor Dr. Hamer for his tremendous discoveries. I decided to write a book explaining the German New Medicine and its five Biological laws and also explaining the incredible fact that there is no proof whatsoever for the existence of any virus. It was while writing the book that it became obvious to me that Modern Medicine could never verify German New Medicine. This is why my book is called "The Ultimate Conspiracy - the Biomedical paradigm."

Thanks, Ilsedora, for getting me started on the most wonderful journey of my life and for all your work in spreading the good news of German New Medicine.

Viva la medicina sagrada!

(James McCumiskey's book was published in April 2008 by Literally Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9557161-0-2)

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